Kate Middleton's Housekeeper Quits After Too Many Demands

kate and william
Zak Hussein/Splash News

If you ever thought that working for Kate Middleton and Prince William would be a dream come true, think again. It sounds like it might be a tougher job that it seems. Reportedly, Kate Middleton's housekeeper recently quit because of her high demands ... and it does not sound good. 


According to what a source close to the housekeeper -- 35-year-old Sadie Rice -- tells the Sun, she recently decided to end her working relationship with the family when they wanted her to move into Kensington Palace with them. Apparently, she had absolutely zero work/life balance, and it just wasn't cutting it for her anymore. 

The insider said: 

"Sadie's a hard worker but the job's demands got too much, even for her. They wanted her to spend more time at Kensington Palace and her work was increasing all the time. She wasn't having a normal life outside work. Sadie's serving her notice and it seems nothing will change her mind. It's their loss." 

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And it does sound like the job came with a lot of work -- not exactly surprising, since this isn't just any family she works for. The Sun adds that her responsibilities included cleaning, shopping, laundry, and cooking, and that list is making us exhausted just thinking about it. 

Hopefully, Will and Kate will be able to find a good replacement who they trust ... and Sadie will be able to find a job that suits her needs better. We're sure they'll be sad to see her go! Can you imagine how hard it must be for them to find the right employees?! 

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