Amy Duggar's Recent Photos Have Fans Convinced She's Pregnant

Amy Duggar and Dillon King

In case you've been taking a vow of social media silence, the Duggar family has been making major waves in the headlines. From Joy-Anna's surprise wedding to Joseph Duggar proposing to his girlfriend at his sister's reception, we don't think we can take any more surprises ... though there might be a little bundle of joy on the way -- or so people think. Rumors are swirling Amy Duggar is pregnant, though the "proof" is very questionable.


It seems the 30-year-old Duggar cousin sparked "OMG, you're pregnant aren't you?!" rumors thanks to her choice of outfits that are loose -- possibly covering up a growing baby bump.

Here's a pic of Amy showing off her belly back in April.

Amy Duggar King

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... With this snap of Amy and her husband Dillon King igniting pregnancy rumors following a few weeks later.

Amy Duggar Dillon King

Amy obviously loves fashion -- including non-tight looks that allow for room to breathe -- but does that mean she's trying to hide a pregnancy?

Amy Duggar

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Since babygate, Amy and Dillon recently opened up about their baby-making plans on a podcast that could dispel rumors they're already expecting in your eyes ... or simply become fuel to the fire.

"Yes, we're having kids!" Dillon King mentions when asked about starting a family. "I don't know when ... at some point, we're definitely going to have kids."

Revealing the couple isn't using birth control, Amy says she and Dillon "kinda have a plan," though "it'll probably be interrupted by an oops."

"We're going to have kids, eventually," Duggar reiterates in the podcast interview. "We have a plan, but then again God is over it, and plans change. But I want to be a young mom, a fun mom, a very energetic mom."

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Who the heck knows if Amy Duggar is pregnant right now, or if she's simply enjoying life -- and a few baggy items for the sake of feeling easy-breezy. After all, every loose top or dress isn't an automatic indicator someone is expecting.

Amy Duggar

(For the record, Amy doesn't look like she's pregnant in this photo shared on May 20.)

In time, if it happens, these two will make the decision to share their news with the world -- but until then, we should probably let them live their lives.

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