15 Times Kate Middleton Appeared More Real Than Royal

Liz Alterman | Jun 1, 2017 Celebrities
15 Times Kate Middleton Appeared More Real Than Royal
Image: Retropix / Splash News

Kate Middleton at Pippa's wedding
Retropix / Splash News

As any busy mom knows, you can't look perfect all the time. Even with a stylist and a vertiable SWAT team in place to make you look like a princess, Kate Middleton has some "unroyal" moments that remind us, before she was a duchess, she was just a regular gal. 

The mom of Prince George and Princess Charlotte may be a style icon but she also appears to have a funny, down-to-earth side that gives her a girl-next-door likability despite her titles. 

Take a look at the times Kate Middleton had a less-than-royal moment. 


  • The Eagle Has Landed

    Kate Middleton at wedding
    Splash News

    That feather fascinator looks like a nest perched atop Kate's head.  Here, Prince William's girlfriend at the time was seen arriving at Laura Parker Bowles' wedding. We wonder where that hat is today. Chew toy for Lupo?

  • Kate's Skirt Won't Cooperate


    Who can forgot those royal buns! For a while there, the Duchess of Cambridge was getting a reputation for her flyaway skirts. But we say, when you've got a derriere like Kate's, flaunt it!

  • Oops! She Did It Again!

    Kate's skirt
    Splash News

    While traveling in India, Kate suffered a true Marilyn Monroe moment. We've heard the queen advised the duchess to have weights added to the hem of her skirts. That's starting to sound like a wise idea. 

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  • Ah, These Kids!

    Kate at Pippa's Wedding
    Retropix / Splash News

    Kate is so focused on what she's got to do next, that she seems to overlook Princess Charlotte licking her flower basket. Tasty or yuck, Charlotte, you tell us?

  • That Famous Eye Roll


    We love that Kate isn't afraid to express herself. This famous eye roll says it all. No one tells a duchess to wrap gifts faster!

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  • Jumping for Joy


    Even in espadrilles, Kate isn't afraid to get into the act. The kids she's visiting had to love watching the woman who may one day be queen taking a turn at their game.

  • Sporty Spice


    Even in a tailored suit, Kate doesn't hold back. She's definitely got a sporty side -- there's no denying it!

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  • Crushing It at Volleyball


    Usually a picture of elegance, the wife of Prince William used her height to her advantage when playing volleyball. Crush it, Kate! 

  • Caught Twirling Her Hair


    What's Kate thinking about? Who knows? Maybe it's "My hair truly is lush and amazing!" or "I can't wait to get back to the palace and kick off these heels!" 

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  • Poor Sport

    Kate watching Wimbledon
    Splash News

    Kate looked disappointed while she and her prince watched as Andy Murray lost to Grigor Dimitrov on centre court in the Wimbledon Championships in 2014.

  • 'I Can't Believe This Is His Idea of a Date'

    will and kate at swim championships
    James Whatling/Splash News

    "Perhaps Mother was wrong about marrying a prince being such a great idea!" Kate seems to be conveying with her eyes. She and Will were attending a swim championship and the duchess definitely looks like she's not exactly having the time of her life. 

  • 'I Have to Wear Weird Hats Too'

    Kate on tour in Canada
    James Whatling/Splash News

    Kate looks like she's getting some juicy gossip or perhaps she's saying, "They make me wear strange hats, too. Just think about high tea and plum pudding and everything will be alright!"

  • Movin' & Groovin'


    Kate's getting her groove back. We love that the royal isn't afraid to let her hair down no matter where she goes. 

  • 'I Can't Look!'


    Sporting events definitely seem to set the duchess's nerves on edge. Just wait until Prince George starts t-ball! Kate will be on the edge of her seat. We see competitive soccer mom written all over that face!

  • 'Someone Needs a Diaper Change'

    Kate Middleton and George
    James Whatling/Splash News

    Kate looks like she's had enough fun for one day at the Australian zoo she visited with Princes William and George. She and her little guy definitely seem to be making the same face. Time for a nap!


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