Prince William Heroically Attempts to Rescue Drowning Kid, but It's Too Late

Prince William
Zak Hussein/Splash News

Less than a week after celebrating his sister-in-law's fairy-tale wedding, this royal found himself face-to-face with a heartbreaking loss. As part of his work with East Anglian Air Ambulance, Prince William flew a rescue helicopter to the scene of a drowning teen, but, sadly, the crew's efforts were not enough to save the 16-year-old who'd been swimming in a lake. 


It's not every day you see a prince come to the aid of someone in trouble. So, needless to say, onlookers were surprised to watch as the royal landed the chopper. 

"We knew something was up when a helicopter was flying extremely low just over the Lee Valley Park," a local resident told the Mirror. "We could see it was landing so ran over to see what was going on. Little did we expect to see Prince William himself flying the helicopter." 

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Yet, despite the prince's and his colleagues' care and concern, the teen passed.

"It was reported that a 16-year-old boy had been swimming in a lake when he got into difficulties," a police spokeswoman confirmed to People. "A search led by the fire service was carried out. The boy was recovered from the water but sadly he was pronounced dead at the scene."

She added that there were "no suspicious circumstances surrounding the incident."

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While this never seemed like an easy job for the prince, we'd have to imagine that now that he's a father seeing heartbreaking tragedies have an even greater impact. 

Though he's been working with the crew for two years, the prince is expected to give up the post as he and his young family move to London where Prince George will begin primary school right around the corner from Kensington Palace.

We know the Duke of Cambridge is always the doting dad, but after witnessing an incident like this one, he probably hugs his little prince and princess that much tighter. 

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