Blac Chyna's Racy Topless Selfie Reminds Us of Kim Kardashian

blac chyna
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She may not be in the Kardashian clan anymore, but she's certainly keeping their traditions alive. Recently, Blac Chyna posted a topless selfie to Snapchat, displaying her insanely gorgeous body. And while it's impossible not to notice what great shape Chyna's in after the birth of Dream, it's also impossible not to notice how reminiscent this pic is of Kim Kardashian.


In the shot, Chyna appears to have just gotten out of the shower. She's rocking a pair of boy shorts, a towel on her head, and, you know, no shirt. 

blac chyna topless

Think what you want of Chyna and her outrageously dysfunctional relationship with Rob Kardashian, but girl looks good here. Also, can we all just take a moment to soak up that bathroom. Damn, girl. If that's your place, you have some good taste!

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Ever since her Paris robbery, Kim has kept it pretty low-key on social media -- so it's been a while since we've seen a racy photo like this from her. But even so, it's hard not to think of Kim when looking at Chyna's pic. She is, after all, the queen of the topless/nude bathroom selfie

Try as she may, Chyna just can't escape the Kardashian girls. But hey, some may say that's exactly what she wants anyway. 

Looking good, girl. Looking real good. 

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