It's Official: Joy-Anna Duggar & Austin Forsyth Are Married

Duggar Family Official/Facebook

In what has to be the least best kept secret to come out of reality TV, Joy-Anna Duggar and Austin Forsyth are married -- after their wedding that was supposed to occur in October was bumped up. By 5 months. And yes, she's only 19.


The couple tied the knot today, and Joy-Anna told People:

We feel so happy and excited. Leading up, it was so surreal until I was walking down the aisle and then I was like, "Oh my goodness, it's actually here. We are going to be traveling for our honeymoon for a while."

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Hmm. We'd be lying if we said we aren't curious as to why Joy-Anna and Austin felt the need to rush things, but let's just say the next few months will be interesting, in terms of what we're speculating is about to happen in their lives.

Hmm. Are you thinking what we are? (Shotgun wedding, anyone?)

Time will tell. Or baby bump photos will clue us in. Or both. Or maybe they're just so in love that they couldn't wait to make things official.

Stay tuned.

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