Josh Duggar Is Headed Back to Court

Mark Kruesch/Splash News

Though it's been two years since Josh Duggar was caught in the Ashley Madison sex scandal, the fallout from it is far from over for him. Josh is headed to court for allegedly stealing a man's identity that he used in those illicit antics.  


According to reports, Josh allegedly used a photo of California-based DJ Matt McCarthy for his profile pic on Ashley Madison, as well as on OK Cupid and Twitter. McCarthy reportedly found out about his photo being used by his high school teacher who discovered it online. 

McCarthy filed a lawsuit in 2016, and now a court date has been set for June 22 though there still seems to be some debate about where the trial should be held. McCarthy is arguing it should be in California as that's where the "irreparable harm to his business and reputation" was done. Josh, of course, would rather not appear in court at all, but his team's efforts to settle out of court haven't been successful.  

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McCarthy says his life has been turned upside down in the wake of the scandal as he's been bombarded with people asking him about the scandal, and he's even been given nicknames like "Duggar's Boy Toy" and "DJ Duggar." So yeah, if the allegations are true, we can definitely see why this dude would be upset. Is it serious enough to file a lawsuit? Apparently it is to McCarthy.
McCarthy is seeking damages "in excess of $25,000," so who knows how much Josh could have to shell out if he's found guilty. Josh certainly wasn't in the right, and we feel for McCarthy if his life is really as bad as he says it is because of Josh's actions. But that seems like a lot of dough for a photo. 
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