Scott Disick & Bella Thorne's Fling Is Over Before It Even Began

scott disick
Neil Warner/Splash News

Okay, Disick, now you're just embarrassing yourself. Only a few days after jetting off to Cannes with 19-year-old Bella Thorne, the real Scott Disick has come out -- and it's scared Bella away. According to reports, after seeing his party animal ways, Bella broke up with Scott and is peacing out of Cannes. But of course not before Scott was seen making out with an old flame. This dude's a legit mess. 


Insiders told TMZ that after seeing just how much Scott drinks and parties, Bella, understandably, decided to get out of the (very short) relationship she was in with the father of three. Apparently, Scott's heavy drinking was especially surprising to the actress. 

Evidently, when Scott asked Bella to come to Cannes with him, she was a little apprehensive, but decided to go -- under the condition that her older sister Dani tagged along. But despite the fact that she has family and her own friends there, she's still ready to jet out of there. On Thursday, she posted a cryptic message to Twitter, saying that the Cannes fancy life isn't for her. 

bella thorne

She also posted a more direct message after a fan expressed concern over her relationship with Scott. 

bella thorne

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Before Scott and Bella's supposed breakup, he was seen hugging and kissing Chloe Bartoli, who, if your Kardashian memory serves you correctly, is Scott's ex and the same girl responsible for his and Kourtney Kardashian's breakup a few years ago. (Scott was seen hugging and kissing Chloe in France when he was still with Kourtney.)

They say leopards don't change their spots and Scott Disick is definitely a leopard. Our only advice for Bella? Run, girl. Run far, far away. 

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