Jill Duggar Takes Heat for How She's Grieving Her Friend's Death


Oh good grief. While the Duggars have to expect a certain amount of scrutiny when they put their lives on TV for the world to see, this latest attack on Jill Duggar for faking grief over the death of her friend is straight up ridiculous. 


Sadly, earlier this month, a friend of Jill and Derrick's was murdered in El Salvador, and Jill shared a heartfelt post about it on her family's website. It was clear they were close, as she noted the spent time together in El Salvador, and she expressed her shock and request for prayers.

That wasn't enough for some, however, who then scrutinized her social media to make sure she was sad enough. One publication even posted a story with a headline reading, "Jill Duggar Posts Baby Bump Snap After Revealing Her Friend Was Murdered." 

The Hollywood Gossip was quick to point out the allegedly insensitive timing of the baby bump post (supposedly posted 24 hours after she announced her friend's murder) wasn't even legit. But even if she did post the picture that soon ... so what?

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People deal with grief in all sorts of ways. While some choose to stay quiet and isolate themselves, others choose it as a reminder to embrace life and seize every moment. There are no rules regarding grief, and judging people for how they grieve is insensitive at best. 

We have no doubt Jill and Derrick were sincerely sad about their friend's murder and will continue to be for some time. Just because they're smiling on social media, doesn't mean they're not grieving inside. Our thoughts go out to everyone affected. 

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