16 Fashion Tips We Can Learn From the Duggars

Tanvier Peart | May 29, 2017 Celebrities
16 Fashion Tips We Can Learn From the Duggars

Jill Dillard and Michelle Duggar
Duggar Family Official/Facebook

The Duggars have been known to inspire the masses in a variety of areas like family and faith. They're wholesome and down-to-earth and that's definitely part of their charm. They're notorious for their traditional values and ability to live life unashamed of their beliefs, and there's one area where the Duggar family can surprisingly shine that doesn't often get a ton of attention: fashion.

Yes, you read that right: fashion. Fashion as in clothing and accessory choices you might see one of these TLC stars rock and make the decision that it should find a home in your closet. Fashion as in inspiration you never thought about -- or happens to be on trend with today's style forecast. Though the Duggars are all about knee-length dresses and modesty, believe it or not, they just might inspire you in the wardrobe department.  

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We're not kidding either. This family may aim for a generally more conservative look, but they still know what they're doing. A lot of the items and trends they like to wear could be easily incorporated into your own closet. Here are 16 pieces of fashion advice we can pick up from the Duggar family. 

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