Kourtney Kardashian Officially Has the World's Most Perfect Bum

kourtney kardashian
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If Scott Disick thought he was going to make Kourtney Kardashian jealous by hitting up Cannes with Bella Thorne, all we can say is: LOL. Right now Kourtney and her ridiculously perfect butt are living it up in France and clearly she -- and her boyfriend Younes Bendjima -- DGAF. Sorry, Disick. Looks like your plan is backfiring. 


Ever since she arrived in Cannes a few days ago, Kourtney has been giving the city life. Every night, she's out partying. And every day, she's relaxing on a luxury yacht with her friends, family, and new boyfriend. Of course, every time Kourtney is on said luxury yacht, she's wearing something skimpier than the day before. But the latest pictures of her definitely take the cake. 

On Wednesday, Kourtney rocked thee tiniest bathing suit -- a hot pink sequin thong number -- and, of course, she looked incredible. The mother of three literally has the smoothest bum ever. 

kourtney kardashian thong
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kourtney kardashian butt
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Damn impressive, no? Especially after having three kids!

Whatever Kourtney's using, we're in. (Though, seriously, Kourt, how does your butt look like that? Squats? Lasers? Squats and lasers? Your secret is safe with us.)

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Clearly, Kourtney and Younes couldn't care less about what Scott Disick is up to with Bella. They're having the time of their lives together this week, and from all accounts, the Lord is the furthest thing from their minds.  

And seriously, when you have a butt as perfect as Kourtney's, how could you ever be upset about anything? Damn, woman!

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