Pippa Middleton Spent a Crazy Amount to Look Flawless at Her Wedding

pippa middleton wedding
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I'm sorry, what was that number again? It's no surprise that Pippa Middleton shelled out big bucks to look (more) gorgeous on her wedding day, but the number that's being quoted is way more than we ever imagined she'd spend. According to reports, Pippa spent $200,000 to look extra beautiful on her big day. Say wha?!


Okay, so here's the breakdown of what Pippa supposedly spent on all of her treatments, products, etc., for her big day -- and keep in mind, these numbers seem a little high. 

According to OK! magazine, Pippa shelled out $83,000 for a "team of styling experts" that ensured she and the rest of the bridal party looked #flawless. She also sculpted her arms and contoured her butt, which cost about $25,000. She had a nonsurgical face lift (wut? why?) for $35,000, and then teeth whitening and straightening, which ran her up another $30,000.

More from CafeMom: 

Then, two days before her wedding, Pippa spent $15,000 at a fancy spa for a "detox mud bath, a beeswax facial, full-body diamond-dust exfoliation, and a gold-laced mani-pedi." She also ensured her hair was super shiny by dyeing it with Himalayan henna, which was another $5,000. Then of course, there were the little things like makeup, perfume, and skincare products, which wound up costing around $8,000. Geez!

While these numbers seem a little high ($30,000 for a teeth makeover?!), it's not surprising at all that she spent big bucks to look incredible on her big day. Not only do you only get married once (hopefully), she obviously was aware that it was thee celeb wedding of the year. All eyes were on her.

Pippa certainly didn't need to spend an inordinate amount of money to look good on her wedding day -- she's already gorgeous. But hey, if it made her feel amazing, to each their own. 

But still. Damn.

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