Pippa Middleton Is Rumored to Be Hoping for a 'Honeymoon Baby'

Pippa Middleton James Matthews wedding
Retropix/Splash News

First comes love, then comes marriage, then comes the inevitable waiting for news of a baby. The world might not have to wait long, however, when it comes to newlyweds Pippa Middleton and James Matthews, who are already ready for a baby, according to reports.


Yes, before the wedding cake has even been digested, it's said that the couple is ready for parenthood. An "insider" told Life & Style they're hoping to conceive on their honeymoon: 

"Being a family man has always been James's main focus, and Pippa comes from a very loving and tight-knit family. They can't wait to have a baby." 

Truth be told, we can't wait either. I mean how cute would it be to see Prince George and Princess Charlotte with a little cousin ... or three? The source went on to say Pippa and James want three children total, and Pippa is already "envisioning her children playing with their cousins at Kensington Palace." The birthday parties, the play dates, the holidays -- the cuteness would be hard to handle! Even cuter -- what if she and Kate Middleton are pregnant at the same time?! 

More from CafeMom: 

As amazing as these adorable family moments would be, we won't get too excited until we hear an announcement directly from the couple. Having a baby isn't always as simple as just wanting one. While it's great when it happens on your time schedule, nature's time schedule often trumps that. Also, it's "important" to note that bookies say there's a 5/4 chance Pippa will announce a pregnancy in 2018. So, there's that. 

They just got married, so if it takes a while, or if they choose to take a while before jumping into parenthood, then so be it. They have each other, and their whole lives ahead of them.

In any case, the inevitable baby bump watch has begun.  

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