Kim Kardashian Called Out for 'Insensitive' Response to Manchester Tragedy

Kim K
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As the world watched in horror Monday as news unfurled about the bombing at an Ariana Grande concert in Manchester, England, that left 22 people dead, it was hard to find words to express the sadness, outrage, and fear. Many celebrities took to social media in an attempt to do so, but one of Kim Kardashian's tweets about the Manchester tragedy was slammed by many as being self-serving and insensitive. 


It wasn't so much her words as it was her choice of photo that accompanied them, which showed her, Ariana, and Kendall Jenner having fun at a concert. After backlash from fans, she removed the photo, but, of course, screens shots of it abound.


After she deleted the photo, Kim also followed it up with two more emotional tweets. 

Fans still weren't satisfied, accusing her of narcissism and making the tragedy about her. 

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Was the post insensitive? While the picture might not have been the best idea (which she seems to have realized in retrospect), her words were heartfelt. How anyone can doubt that is hard to comprehend, whether you're a fan or not. 

It's so difficult to know what to do or say after such a devastating tragedy, and this one hit especially close to home for Kim who is close to Grande. We're sure she had no self-serving intent in posting the picture, but rather was just trying to deal with her feelings and offer support in the best way she knew how at the time. 

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Everyone deals with shock and tragedy in their own way, and to spend any time or energy slamming someone for well-intentioned words of sympathy is simply putting more negative energy and hate out into the world. And if there's one thing we can all agree on, it's that the world doesn't need any more negative energy and hate. As we saw in Manchester, there's far too much of it out there already.   

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