New 'Counting On' Trailer Teases More Major Duggar Surprises to Come


If there's one thing we can count on when it comes to the Duggars, it's that they'll continue to keep us guessing. As we (not so) patiently wait for the season 4 premiere June 12, a new Counting On trailer has been released that at least seems to promise some answers to our most pressing questions about their lives. 


One of the big ones we're dying to find out -- is Jinger pregnant, or isn't she? Clearly, her sisters can't wait to find out either as we see them questioning her as to if she's taken a test or not. In response, she's smiling, so it makes us think ... maybe? 

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Another biggie -- is Joy-Anna married? There have been rumors of a secret wedding taking place, but they couldn't pull something like that off with the media stalking their every move ... could they? At the very least, it looks like we'll get the behind-the-scenes scoop on her engagement as well as Joseph Duggar's courtship of Kendra Caldwell

Oh, and there's so much more. From Jill's pregnancy to her and Derick's mission trip to Central America to the birth of Jessa and Ben Seewald's son little Henry Wilberforce, we're not sure how they're going to fit it all into this season. It's going to be action-packed, and we can't wait. 

Check out the trailer, and let the Counting On countdown continue. 

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