Meghan Markle's Sister Claims She Was Treated Poorly at Pippa's Wedding

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You know how the old saying goes: If there's one person who knows Princess Diana best, it's Meghan Markle's half sister, Samantha. Only a few days after Pippa Middleton's wedding, Samantha, who's supposedly writing a tell-all about the Suits actress, spoke to Radar Online about how Princess Diana would be "appalled" at the way Meghan was treated at the nuptials. Thanks for the intel, Sam. 


Since Meghan's relationship with Prince Harry was made public, Meghan's half-sister hasn't stopped talking to the press -- so her comments to Radar aren't surprising in the least. But to bring William and Harry's late mother into it? Not cool. 

Samantha apparently is disgusted over the fact that Meghan wasn't allowed to go to the ceremony of Pippa and James Matthews. "For the royal family to exclude her from the wedding is in very poor taste," Samantha told RadarShe also added, "To ignore Meghan at the ceremony and for photographs is pure snobbery. She should have been there. She's classy, and her dress was designed as a one-off. Diana would be appalled to see how Harry's true love was treated."

Oh. Okay. 

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Samantha, who can't seem to seem to stop talking about her half sis to the press, apparently has had some sort of change of heart over the last month or so. Normally, Samantha is bashing her "social-climbing" sister, but here she's on her side. "I haven't always agreed with some of the things my sister has done but she's a victim here," she said. A word to the wise, Sam: When you're talking out of both sides of your mouth, no one really believes you. Also, if you're trying to get in Meghan's good graces now because she's on her way to being royalty, too little, too late, sister. 

Fortunately for the royal family, it's doubtful that anyone believes a word Samantha says. But unfortunately for Meghan, it's doubtful Samantha has any plans on keeping her trap shut any time soon. This woman just won't quit. 

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