Kate Middleton's New Hobby With George & Charlotte Is Precious

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How does Prince George and Princess Charlotte's garden grow? With the help of Kate Middleton, of course! At the Chelsea Flower Show on Monday, Kate revealed that she's recently gotten into gardening, and, not surprisingly, she's making sure her kids are getting in on the digging, too. 


Talking with BBC Radio 2 host Chris Evans, the duchess said, "I'm just getting into gardening with the children." Evidently, Kate and Prince William have an impressive garden at their country home in Norfolk, where they grow asparagus among other veggies. Kate also revealed that they have five chickens there, which provide them with fresh eggs. "It makes such a difference when you take it from the ground," Kate said of their veggies. The duchess also has been involving her children in the gardening process, revealing that she's taught Prince George not to eat the foxgloves, which are poisonous. Good idea. 

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During the event, Evans offered Kate a tomato. When the duchess went to grab it, it accidentally fell on the ground. No matter for Kate, though. Apparently, even future queens abide by the five-second rule. As she enjoyed the fresh tomato, she said, "It's delicious and sweet." Retelling his encounter, Evans told reporters, "I offered her a tomato. She ate it after she dropped it on the floor, it's very good for you that. There were only three left. We had loads of them before."

It's certainly no surprise that Kate dabbles in gardening in her gorgeous country home. She is, after all, the embodiment of what it means to live a bucolic life. But eating a tomato off the floor in public? That's a little surprising. And of course, it only makes us love the duchess even more.  

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