Kourtney Kardashian's Sexy Red Swimsuit Screams 'Baywatch'

kourtney kardashian pony tail
FZS/Splash News

Baywatch vibes! If there's one thing Kourtney Kardashian is good at, it's vacationing (which works out well since she does it so often). And if there's another, it's looking flawless in a bathing suit. Again, good thing, since it's almost an everyday occurrence. Wait 'til you see Kourtney's latest Baywatch-inspired swimsuit, guys. The woman is en fuego. 


Kourtney, who's in Cannes with some of her family members and friends right now, was photographed hanging out on a yacht Monday with Kendall Jenner, Simon Huck, and her new man, Younes Bendjima. Both Kourtney and Kendall donned one-pieces, but Kourt's in particular caught our eye because #Baywatch. Or perhaps more apropos, #Baewatch. 

Kourtney's suit, as you can see, left very little to the imagination. Side boob, butt -- it's all there. And she looks fantastic. Tell us your secrets, Kourt!

kourtney kardashian bathing suit
TeamB/Splash News

kourtney kardashian bathing suit
TeamB/Splash News

kourtney kardashian kendall jenner younes bendjima
TeamB/Splash News

Hot. Mama. 

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