Watch Kate Middleton Keep the Kids in Line at Pippa's Wedding

Kate Middleton at Pippa's wedding
Max Tollworthy/Splash News

If this lady weren't a duchess, we can think of a certain line of work she'd excel at -- kindergarten teacher! Kate Middleton did her very best to keep the little ones in line at her sister Pippa's wedding -- and it looked like no easy task! The usually glamorous wife of Prince William was all business outside St. Mark's Church in Englefield as she shushed the tiniest members of Pippa's wedding party. 


Making sure children behave at church on an average day can be a challenge, but when it's the biggest day of your sister's life, the pressure is on! Of course, Kate handled it with her usual aplomb. 

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How cute is that? She's like a regular Mary Poppins! And you know she had to take this job seriously because who wants to hear "Your kids ruined my wedding day!" for the rest of her life, right? 

Look at Kate trying to corral these kids coming out of that stunning vintage car. 

Kate Pippa Middleton wedding
Greg Sirc / Splash News

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The phrase "herding cats" definitely comes to mind. And check out those heels Kate's wearing. Good thing none of those perfectly groomed little fellas tried to make a run for it! 

It was pretty sporting of Pippa to include so many adorable kids in her wedding party knowing full well they had the potential to not only upstage her but to be totally disruptive as well. LOL. 

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Fortunately, based on Pippa's huge grin outside the church, it looks like everyone behaved beautifully! Way to go, Kate! 

When it comes to helping out at your sister's wedding, it's fair to say Pippa had it much easier than her big sis. We'd take fluffing the train of a gorgeous gown over keeping tiny ones quiet any day!

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