16 Stars Who Grew Up to Be Way Hot IRL

Alaisha Key | Jun 7, 2017 Celebrities

kid stars
ABC Photo Archives Getty Images; abbienormal9/Instagram; NBC Getty Images

Reruns of the popular '80s, '90s, and early '00s shows and movies that you couldn't get enough of as a kid keep playing over and over again (giving us all the throwback feels), and we keep watching. But inquiring minds want to know: What really happened to these child stars? Well, they're not kids anymore, and they've definitely grown up. And most have certainly grown out of their previous (and often adorable) on-screen roles.

We've rounded up a few actors and actresses who may look totally different from what you may remember (and those you might not remember even had childhood star days). And, yes, some have changed so much that you may not even recognize them IRL. 

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