Joy-Anna Duggar May Have Just Dropped a Pregnancy Hint

joy anna duggar austin forsyth

Dropping hints, are we? Joy-Anna Duggar isn't yet married to Austin Forsyth, but many people seem to be under the impression that the 19-year-old is already pregnant. And Joy-Anna's latest comments about motherhood are only adding fuel the fire. 


In a sweet Mother's Day video all of the Duggar kids made for Michelle, Joy-Anna may have dropped a hint about an impending baby-to-be. "I'm so thankful for you, mama," Joy-Anna said with Austin by her side. Then she added, "And even more recently, just helping with all the wedding planning and helping me just not get stressed out about all that. I can't wait to be a mother myself." A bit of a non sequitur there!

More from CafeMom:

In addition to everyone thinking that Joy-Anna has been hiding a baby bump in various photos on Instagram lately, there's a rumor going around that Joy-Anna and Austin have just moved up their wedding -- which was supposed to be in the fall -- to this Saturday! What?! There can only be one reason for that. 

On the one hand, it's not that crazy for one of the Duggar girls to say that they can't wait to become a mother themselves, but on the other ... there's been a lot of speculation and weird pieces of gossip in recent weeks. 

If Joy-Anna is pregnant now, time will tell. There's no hiding a massive baby bump or, you know, a newborn. Whatever is going on with the couple, though, here's to hoping everything works out well and that the baby -- if there is one -- is happy and healthy. 

Congrats, guys! On all fronts!

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