13 Times Kate Middleton & Prince William's Marriage Was Put to the Test

Liz Alterman | May 19, 2017 Celebrities
13 Times Kate Middleton & Prince William's Marriage Was Put to the Test
Image: Zak Hussein / Splash News

Kate Middleton and Prince William
Zak Hussein / Splash News

Marriage is hard for anyone. However, being in the spotlight 24/7 can't be easy -- especially when it comes to people speculating about the state of your relationship. Even though they almost always appears smitten with each other, there have been plenty of times when Kate Middleton and Prince William's marriage was thought to be on the rocks. 

Being royalty comes with its own extray special kind of celebrity. The tabloids are always watching for bumps in the royal road, and tongues are constantly wagging about everything the royal family says, how they look, and even the times they choose to stay silent. Kate and Will can't so much as share a sideways glance without the speculation and chatter starting up. Are they fighting? Is Kate tired of the royal life? Is Will overwhelmed with his lifelong obligation to the crown?

Their marriage aside, this couple has a lot going on, from tending to their royal duties to raising their little prince and princess. Though they seem perfectly happy to us, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, who have been married since April 2011, are often said to be on the verge of splitting up.

Take a look at the times their marital union was questioned and why.  


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