Kate Middleton Is Worried That Her Kids Will Misbehave at Pippa's Wedding

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As the world counts down the days to Pippa Middleton's wedding, Kate Middleton has some pre-wedding jitters of her own. According to reports, the duchess is worried about how Prince George and Princess Charlotte are going to behave on the big day. 


Andrew Bates, a guest at a recent garden party at Buckingham Palace, said Kate told him she's just not sure if they'll be on their best behavior or not. 

"She said that they were all really looking forward to her sister's wedding at the weekend but she was a bit worried about how her children might behave," Bates told the Mirror. "She said she was hopeful that they would be good but you never know at that age."

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You never know, indeed. Kids are kids, and no matter if they're little princes or princesses, they're just not going to always do what you want when you want them to do it. In fact, they often do exactly what you don't want them to do. They yell, they cry, they put things in their nose, and half the time they make no sense at all. A wedding doesn't change any of that. Sure, you can talk to them, prep them, and even bribe them, but you still can't guarantee that they're not going to make a scene. 

People who simply can't stand the thought of any potential outbursts at their wedding simply shouldn't invite children. Most people, however, know the risks that come with having kids at and in your wedding and embrace whatever that may mean. Some of the best, most memorable moments at weddings are of the kids ... even the ones that don't seem quite so adorable at the time. 

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Hopefully Kate can relax and enjoy the wedding, knowing that even if Charlotte and George do act out or create some sort of chaos, they will all laugh about it someday. 
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