North West Gives the Paparazzi a Piece of Her Mind -- It's Amazing

kim kardashian North West
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Geez. Can a girl enjoy a cone in peace?! Last week, when exiting the Museum of Ice Cream in Los Angeles, North West went off on the paparazzi. North, who's 3, has very much had it with photographers in her face 24/7. And good Lord, who can blame her?


Taking a page from dad Kanye's book, North screamed at the photographers, "No pictures!" At the time, she was walking with her mom Kim Kardashian and clearly she was the more irritated of the two. Kim, as always, stayed cool as a cucumber. 

Assuming that the intrusive paps didn't hear her the first time, North repeatedly yells "No pictures!" to the photogs in her face. "Sorry, North," one can be heard mumbling as they all continue to snap away. Classy.

That is one fed-up little girl. 

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The Kardashian kids certainly are all used to cameras in their face every time they leave there house, but sometimes you just hit your breaking point. And North hit hers. No shame in that. 

Tell it like it is, North. We're proud of you. And no doubt, your dad is, too. 

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