Michelle Duggar Slammed on Mother's Day for Having Jana Raise Her Kids

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Happy Mother's Day to ... Jana Duggar? After the eldest Duggar daughter posted a sweet tribute video to her mom Michelle on Mother's Day, fans read the Duggar matriarch the riot act, slamming Michelle's parenting skills and saying that Jana pretty much raised all of the younger kids. Sheesh. You try to do something nice for your mom ...


Michelle's children, including Jana, all wished her a Happy Mother's Day on the Duggar family website. "Mama, we're so grateful for you and the many years you've invested in our lives, from the late night talks to the early mornings getting up and fixing us breakfast," Jana gushed. "There are many more things that we appreciate about you, but those are just a few that really stand out."


Some of Michelle's other children of course wished their mother a Happy Mother's Day as well, but fans seemed to mainly focus on Jana and all the work she's done over the years, despite the fact that she's not "officially" a mother yet herself. 

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As we all know, Jana does more than her fair share of helping out when it comes to the little kids in the house. But some people think she's been more of a mother to them than Michelle has!

"Jana has done everything short of giving birth," one fan said after seeing the video, while another said, "You have done more child rearing than your mother ever has." Still another snipped, "She practically raised those kids." Ouch. 

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Though she may not be married or have a child of her own just yet, one thing is for certain: When she does settle down, her husband will be one lucky man, and her children will have one heck of a mama. 

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