Josh Duggar's Return to 'Counting On' Comes With a Catch

josh anna duggar

Really? Wait ... really?! According to a new report, Josh Duggar is officially back on Counting On. It's been almost two years since Josh's fall from grace, and now the reality show staple is apparently heading back into the public eye. And we know what you're thinking and we're thinking it, too: Why?


Sources tell In Touch that when Counting On returns on June 12, Josh will play a role in the webisode -- but there's a catch. Josh is only going to talk about the joy of fatherhood and his excitement over the impending birth of his fifth child with wife Anna. All that Ashley Madison and molestation stuff? Yeah, it'll probably be swept under the rug. 

As the story goes, nobody associated with TLC and the Duggars ever thought executives would let Josh back on air, but Duggar patriarch Jim Bob did some serious convincing. In Touch's sources say that Jim Bob has been seriously concerned about falling ratings and a lack of interest in his family, so he begged TLC bigwigs to let his son back on the show. And TLC caved. Whether or not said falling ratings can be attributed to the public's general disgust for Josh or his absence from the show remains to be seen. 

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At this point, it's unclear as to how much of a role Josh will play on the show and whether or not this is a one-off appearance or if he's back for good. But it certainly will be interesting to see fans' reactions to the father of four's return. Contrary to what some of his family members may think, it's hard to imagine anyone missed him at all. 

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