Queen Elizabeth Drives a Jaguar Like the Boss That She Is

Queen Elizabeth
Nancy Kaszerman/SUMA press/Splash News

All hail the queen. No, seriously, no matter what your nationality, the recent pictures taken of Queen Elizabeth driving a Jaguar home from church deserve a bow from everyone the world over. 


As if we didn't know she was a badass (the woman still rides a horse, for God's sake!), these new pictures show the 91-year-old driving herself back from church in her green Jaguar looking as sprightly and stylish as can be. Even better -- she's cruising along with her security guard riding shotgun.

She apparently learned to drive during WWII, when she served as a mechanic for the UK's Women's Auxiliary Territorial Service, and she clearly hasn't lost her touch since then.

Sure, your 91-year-old grandma may still drive too, but this is the queen we're talking about. She has any number of transportation options at her royal fingertips, yet she chooses to drive herself. It's refreshing not only to see someone her age so vibrant and independent still, but also to see her continue to keep things so real.

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Though let's be honest: Who wouldn't want to drive that car?

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