Kim Kardashian Puts North West in Time-Out & Absolute Hilarity Ensues

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Christopher Peterson/Splash News

Sometimes a girl needs a little "me" time. Like every toddler, Kim Kardashian's daughter North West occasionally acts out. And when she does, Kim does what many parents do: She issues a time-out. But! Unlike most kids, Kim's daughter has learned to get crafty when she's separated from the group. In a hilarious Instagram post, Kim gave fans some adorable insight into what North really does when she's in time-out.  


Instead of sitting in the corner and pouting like lots of kids, North created her own spa sanctuary, complete with toilet paper eye mask. "That time North gets a time out & is a little too quiet... I go in her room to check on her & she's in the bathroom, made her own spa & tells me she's chilling out," Kim wrote next to the hilarious shot, along with the laughing-crying emoji.

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How cute is this?! And good for North -- after all, this is what time-outs are supposed to be, right? A way to decompress and think about your transgressions. What better way to do that than in the soothing, spa-like environment of the bathroom floor?

Respect to little North for making lemonade from lemons. And respect to Kim for -- inadvertently or not -- teaching her daughter how to unwind. A child could only pick something like this up from her mother. 

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