Rumor Has It Camilla Parker Bowles Isn't a Fan of Meghan Markle

camilla parker bowles meghan markle
New Press Photo/Splash News

Well, this is surprising -- and kind of ironic. According to a new report, it seems that Camilla Parker Bowles doesn't like Meghan Markle. A source told Radar Online that "Camilla simply cannot believe what an easy entrée [Markle] is getting." Not sure how many royal sources talk to Radar, but hey, where there's smoke, there's usually fire. 


If there's any truth to this, it's somewhat surprising that Camilla, who, as everyone knows, had a hand in breaking up the marriage of Prince Charles and Princess Diana, would be the one who's slow to warm up to Meghan. She, after all, knows what it's like to be an outsider more than anyone. 

Apparently, though, this is one of the reasons she reportedly isn't a fan of Meghan's. "It's infuriating Camilla how easy a ride Meghan's getting, especially from the queen, who made her life hell when she and Charles finally got together," a source said, adding that Camilla plans on "obstructing Meghan's easy ride into Harry's royal life." The Duchess of Cornwall is also vexed that the Suits actress is "not even British!" The nerve!

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All this being said, though, Camilla's plan to foil Meghan's royal life may prove to be difficult. "It's like Harry's got a circle of Rottweilers around Meghan and no one can say a bad thing about her," a source revealed. Good. 

Whether Camilla likes Meghan or not, it's doubtful that it will have any impact on Meghan's relationship with Harry. And if there is any tension between the women, it's likely nothing that good old-fashioned time can't fix. Hey, if the queen can come around to her, she can come around to Meghan.  

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