Queen Elizabeth Thinks Prince William & Prince Harry Need to Put a Lid on It

prince harry and prince harry wearing hardhats
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Real men don't have feelings? According to a new report, Queen Elizabeth has had it up to her scepter with Prince William and Prince Harry baring their souls to the public. Sources say that, following the retirement of Prince Philip, the queen is expecting William, Harry, and Kate to step up and be more stately like their grandfather. Enough with the mushy-gushy stuff. 


During the last few weeks, Prince Harry and the duke and duchess have been campaigning for their mental health charity Heads Together. During their many appearances and outings, both William and Harry have gotten candid about the impact their mother's death had on them, and Kate revealed that motherhood feels "lonely" sometimes. While the public, understandably, can't seem to get enough of the royals' sincerity, this apparently is not the queen's idea of representing her family.

A royal insider told the Sunday Times, "As successful as that campaign was, it might be that soul-baring isn't what Buckingham Palace is looking for. The direct impact [of Prince Philip's retirement] will be that the Cambridges will be expected to step up and undertake more state business and do less of their campaign work."

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While Prince Philip's retirement has many people wondering about the royal's health, it's also worth noting that Prince William, Kate Middleton, and the kids have had plans to move back to Kensington Palace from Norfolk in the fall. So perhaps this was the plan all along? That said, Wills may not have known about the queen's disdain for his "soul-baring."

The duke and duchess's candidness has been incredibly refreshing in recent months, but what the queen wants the queen gets. Perhaps when Prince Charles eventually reigns he'll have something different in mind. Let's hope.  

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