This Famous Dad Seriously Stole the Show at VH1's 'Dear Mama' Event

DJ Khaled and family VH1 Dear Mama
Todd Williamson/Getty Images for VH1
When he's not producing music with the world's biggest artists, DJ Khaled is usually on Snapchat giving inspirational speeches or simply a glimpse into his life. It's rare to see Khaled be serious, but at VH1's second annual Dear Mama: An Event to Honor Moms, he stole the show with his heartfelt tribute to fiancée Nicole Tuck.


Dear Mama is a Mother's Day special on VH1 that allows celebrities to honor their own mothers, partners, or friends and highlight their impact as moms. So we were in the audience looking forward to hearing the various tributes from celebs like Kelly Rowland, Halle Berry, and Ludacris. However, we had no idea that Khaled would have us in tears.

He began his tribute to Tuck with a video produced by VH1 that gave us a peek into their life at home. Watching Tuck and Khaled with their 6-month-old son Asahd was both hilarious and heartwarming. We got a glimpse of Tuck cooking and Khaled paying homage to her domestic abilities, as well as her love for their son. (Of course, we're sure he -- hopefully -- loves her for more than just her way around the kitchen.)

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When it came time for him to take to the stage, we weren't sure what to expect. As soon as he started talking, he stated that this was truly how he felt from his heart and he wasn't going to give a speech or use a teleprompter.

"I want to praise and honor my queen. There's no words that can explain how much I love you. When Asahd came in my life ... I didn't even understand the word 'love' when I said that, that love can be even stronger when I see you," said Khaled. "I'm not reading no teleprompter or nothing, I want you to know how much I really love you in front of all these people."

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And yes, we were shocked that we found ourselves tearing up as we listened to Khaled spill his heart out and proclaim his love and admiration for his fiancée in front of his son and the whole world.

"You and God gave me my biggest blessing, and that's my son Asahd .... We want to honor you today and want to tell you how important you are to us and we appreciate you. And I love you ... and my son loves you," said Khaled.

Dj Khaled and son VH1 Dear Mama
Todd Williamson/Getty Images for VH1

He followed up his amazing tribute by introducing a performance by Jodeci of "Forever My Lady," which he dedicated to Tuck. The R&B group had everyone on their feet dancing and having a great time. Without a doubt, DJ Khaled knew how to put together a tribute that truly stole the show and had everyone in their feelings.

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Tune into VH1's Dear Mama event on Monday, May 8, at 10 p.m. ET/PT, to watch Khaled's tribute and many other moving ones from other celebs we love.

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