Even Jinger Duggar's Sisters Are Wondering When She'll Be Pregnant

Duggar sisters

Newlywed couples can attest to all the never-ending questions that come their way from loved ones -- including those regarding baby-making, and when people can look forward to becoming a grandparent, or, in this case, aunties. An exclusive sneak peek at the upcoming Counting On season reveals Jinger (Duggar) Vuolo's sisters just won't let up with their baby questions. It kinda makes you feel bad for her.


Poor, poor Jinger looks taken aback during this TLC promo that shows the 23-year-old newlywed enjoying a video chat with sisters Jessa, Jill, Joy-Anna, and Jana that takes a turn for the "tell us your business -- and fast!"

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"So, are you pregnant?" Jill blatantly asks in the video -- to which Jinger responds with a "Huh?" "Have you taken a test? Answer the question," Joy-Anna prods.

Ohh man.

Obviously, Jinger's sisters are super excited to think about Jinger and her hubby Jeremy becoming parents, as they'll be aunties to their children ... but, sheesh ... can we ease up just a tad on the 21 "Are you pregnant?" questions Jinger needs to answer in this video chat?

... We aren't even a part of the conversation and we can still feel the heat!

As wonderful and happy of a time it will be when Jinger and Jeremy reveal they're expecting, patience is a virtue, and something we should all seek to put into practice from time to time. (It looks like Jessa does, as she reveals in the clip, "I told them not to ask.")

Sooo, basically, let's all just try to keep calm and carry on with our lives -- without giving someone the third degree about whether or not she's pregnant -- mmkay?

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Jinger, continue enjoying your marriage and the happiness it brings both you and Jeremy. You two have a lifetime of memories to create -- including the precious family you will look forward to raising one day. Soak in as much one-on-one time together ... because, when children come, you'll likely start to see less and less.

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