Scott Disick Blatantly Shows Off His New Model Girlfriend

scott disick
Photographer Group/Splash News

Kourtney -- and Chelsea -- who? If you saw Sunday night's episode of Keeping Up With the Kardashians, you know that Scott Disick brought a girl named Chelsea to the family's Costa Rican holiday a few months ago (a move that didn't go over well). But the father of three isn't with Chelsea anymore -- he's with someone else. New photos show Scott Disick with Ella Ross, the Lord's rumored new girlfriend. 


Ross, a 19-year-old British model, was seen with Disick on Friday, May 5, at Nobu restaurant. Later on that night, the pair was seen getting cozy at TAO Asian Bistro. In other words, they had a full day together. 

Not so ironically, a few days prior, Kourtney Kardashian stepped out with her rumored boyfriend -- coincidentally, also a model -- 24-year-old Younes Benjima. According to sources, the pair is definitely hooking up, but nothing is super serious between them. 

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Disick's outing with Ross is a little suspicious, given the timing of everything. Since he and Kourtney broke up, he's been seen with women, but rarely out on "official" dates. Frolicking around Los Angeles with a beautiful young model three days after his baby mama did the same definitely is worth an eyebrow raise.

Ultimately, Kourtney has made it clear (sort of) that she doesn't want to be with Scott anymore, so he's certainly free to date who he wants. But he's also made it clear that he very much wants to get back together with her -- and this is a funny way of doing that. 

But hey, if there's one thing we'll never understand in this world, it's Kourtney and Scott's relationship. 

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