Kate Middleton Reveals the Adorable Thing Princess Charlotte Did on Her Birthday

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WeirPhotos/Splash News

If you thought Princess Charlotte's birthday photo was adorable, wait 'til you get a load of this. According to Kate Middleton, Princess Charlotte sang "Happy Birthday" to herself when she turned 2. How cute is she?!


During a visit to a farm in Gloucestershire earlier on this week, the duchess revealed that the family had a low-key birthday celebration for the little princess on Tuesday at home, as well as a few sweet details from the "party."

Natalie Graham, a schoolteacher who was at the farm with her students, apparently told reporters, "[Kate] told the kids that they had a little party for Charlotte yesterday and she sung 'Happy Birthday' to herself! It was so sweet. She loved the card and present and said Charlotte would love it too as the card had Peppa Pig on, which she loves."

Too cute. 

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Despite the fact that they're English royalty and are growing up traveling the world, George and Charlotte seem to be pretty down-to-earth -- just like the duke and duchess. How delightful it will be to watch them grow up over the years and hear cute anecdotes like this along the way. 

Happy birthday to you, Charlotte! Or, as you would say: Happy birthday to me.

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