21 Duggar Wedding Ideas We Want to Steal for Our Special Day

Tanvier Peart | May 5, 2017 Celebrities
21 Duggar Wedding Ideas We Want to Steal for Our Special Day

Jessa Duggar and Ben Seewald wedding

If there's one thing the Duggars know how to do, it's put on a fabulous wedding. Many of the more recent nuptials deserve a spread in a magazine -- because they're that breathtaking! Seriously, if you're in the middle of planning your special day, you might want to take a few notes. The decorations, attire, food, and photos are pretty much to die for. And we've got all the amazing photographic proof you'll need...

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This conservative family may not party a whole lot, but when it comes to tying the knot, they definitely know what they are doing. Getting to see the details from another Duggar wedding is like looking at a thoughtfully curated Pinterest board of lovely wedding inspo. 

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Here are some Duggar-inspired wedding ideas that will make you want to say "I do" for your own marriage ceremony (and reception). Some ideas you might've seen, and others just might inspire an "aha" moment you'll never forget. Either way, you'll probably want to consider some of these for your own wedding. 

And let us know -- which ideas are your fave?

  • Generational Gift



    In case you missed the Counting On episode, Michelle Duggar revealed she incorporates pieces of her wedding dress into her daughters' gowns -- which is extra cool, because the dress Michelle wore was actually her mother-in-law's gown. "So now the tradition has been that we've [Michelle Duggar and her mother] given a snippet of Grandma's and my dress to our girls for them to use in their wedding," Michelle says in the clip.

    So sweet.

  • Monogram Your Backdrop


    Seriously, people, how amazing is Jinger and Jeremy's monogrammed wall of flowers for their wedding? Spectacular doesn't even begin to describe this personal touch that only reiterates the beauty of Jeremy and Jinger's special day.

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  • 'Blush'ing Bride


    Jessa Duggar looked so amazing on her wedding day in this blush gown from Allure Bridals. Complete with intricate beading and satin, Jess's wedding dress was so striking, it completely stole the show.

  • Amazing Lace


    Wow ... just ... wow.

    This photo of Jinger (Duggar) Vuolo's wedding gown is truly breathtaking. Not only does it show off the detail of her gown, but shows the beauty of a cathedral train wedding dress -- and how alluring lace looks.

  • Love at First Sight


    Not every couple waits until the wedding ceremony for the "big reveal." In fact, many lovers are capturing the moment the groom sees the bride -- like Amy Duggar and Dillon King did -- before the ceremony, which makes for an amazing and intimate moment.

  • 'Naked' Cake


    Jinger and Jeremy's wedding cake looked sooo amazing! Adorned with berries and fresh blooms, this "naked" cake is one of the best -- and yummiest -- we've seen! We can totally see people following suit on their own special day.

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  • Berry Blooms


    Speaking of berries and blooms ... can we talk about how goregeous Jinger's wedding bouquet looked?


    Whoever designed this floral arrangement gets an A+, as Jinger's bouquet is both elegant and earthy.

  • Custom (Cake) Toppers


    Jumping back to wedding cakes for a minute, let's talk about toppers. Most soon-to-be married couples will opt to crown their wedding cake with some sort of decoration -- be it their monogram, flowers, or something fun that represents them as a unit. Jeremy and Jinger took the latter route with these wooden wedding cake toppers that are too cute for words.

  • Social Hashtag


    In a world full of selfies and instantaneous sharing on social media, it certainly makes sense for couples to create their own hashtag -- like #DillandDuggs, the cute hashtag Amy Duggar and Dillon King used for their special day. (Isn't it cute?)

    Hashtags are also great for couples to search social media for photos of their wedding they might not have seen otherwise.

  • Unconventional Shot


    Not every wedding photo has to be one of a couple kissing, standing with their family, or staring off into the distance in some whimsical way. 

    You CAN have fun with your wedding photos, as evidenced by this cute pic of Jessa and Ben on their day.

  • Unique Wedding Accessories


    Josie and Michael Duggar look sooo adorable walking in Jinger and Jeremy's wedding. Aside from being captivated by their cuteness, we love the flower girl and ring boy accessories they're donning -- as they take a turn from the expected.

  • Riding Off into the Sunset


    All newlyweds deserve to ride off into the sunset after their wedding. Some will choose a car, while others will want to take a different approach -- like a horse and carriage. 

    Jessa and Ben, you guys get extra points for this one!

  • Ice Cream Bar!


    One thing many guests rave about at weddings is the fun do-it-yourself bars where they get to make things. Not only does something like an ice cream bar, for example, reduce the need for a staff to serve your food, but it's also an affordable -- and easy -- way to feed your guests in a fun and casual manner.

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  • Indoor (Wedding) Tent


    Who the heck says you need to have an outdoor wedding in order to enjoy a tent? Take a page from Jill and Derick, as the couple had a beautiful indoor tent for their special occasion.

  • Against the Matching Grain


    Don't ever let anyone tell you that bridesmaids' dresses need to match -- because they don't. In fact, choosing different dresses -- or options that show off a variety of different colors -- can really make your day all the more unique.

    Love the colors, Jinger!

  • Natural Backdrop


    This photo of Jessa and Ben is nothing short of amazing. It's so breathtaking and beautiful and lovely and gives us all the feels -- and more! If ever there was a reminder to use nature as a backdrop, this is definitely it.

  • Soft & Simple


    One of the things we love most about Amy and Dillon's wedding is how soft and effortless everything looks. As great as it is to have tons of details and color, sometimes, less can really be more ...

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  • Splash of Color


    ... But, should you want to throw in some color, do consider an accent (or two, or a few). Take Jessa and Ben's wedding, for example: The way these two incorporated the bridesmaids' pink into the men's attire (aren't those bow ties a dream?) is a sweet touch.

  • Personalized Favors


    A great way to make your wedding day extra special is to give guests something that's a symbol of your love. For example, since Jinger loves coffee, she and Jeremy decided to bestow loved ones with coffee favors with cute "The perfect blend" tags for an adorable touch.

  • Candid Family Photo


    Say cheesee!

    Weddings often go by so quickly that it's hard to stop and just soak it all in. As your photographer checks off the list of shots you and your beloved want, be sure to get one with your family that's fun and lets your hair down.

  • Loving Inspiration


    A wedding is the perfect time for couples to express their love for one another, both in front of guests as they exchange vows, and through decor. Jinger and Jeremy definitely used their special day to reiterate how much they mean to one another, as these inspirational messages that reflect their faith are pretty great.


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