Kate Middleton Is Raising George & Charlotte to Be Bilingual

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James Whatling/Splash News

Of course she is. Recently, during a trip to a farm in Gloucester, Kate Middleton revealed that she's raising Prince George and Princess Charlotte to be bilingual. In fact, from the sound of things, little George has made some impressive headway already. Muy bien. 


During the duchess's visit, she reportedly spoke with a 9-year-old Spanish-speaking girl named Sayanna. "[Kate] said she is trying to teach Charlotte Spanish and said her son George can count up to 10 in Spanish already," Sayanna told reporters. This shouldn't come as too much of a surprise as, in addition to being world travelers, George and Charlotte's nanny, Maria Teresa Turrion Borrallo, is from Spain. Wonder if they'll eventually become trilingual by learning French? After all, the royal family does spend a fair amount of time there. 

More from CafeMom:

Without a doubt, both George and Charlotte are going to grow up incredibly cultured and #blessed. But the real question is: How quickly will they learn Spanish? While Kate may know a little French (William is fluent), it doesn't seem that either are fluent in Spanish. It's the perfect way to talk crap about their parents in front of them. 

If Kate's smart, she'll continue on with immersing her kids in the Spanish language while they're young, because, as it's been reported in the past, she started studying foreign languages later in life, and is yet to master any of them. 

And hey, if George and Charlotte start speaking Spanish, it will give the queen someone to chat with. After all, she's fluent in Latin, Greek, French, Italian, Spanish, and English. And has been since she was 11. 


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