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15 Outrageously Expensive Gifts Celebs Have Given Their Kids

Celebrities Alaisha Key May 8, 2017

Kendall, Kyle, Kris Jenner
Kids may not remember that mountain of gifts that introduced them to Santa, or that time we tried (and failed) to get them to blow out their first birthday candles, but parents certainly will -- and they often have the funny photos to prove it. For parents, celebrating kids on those special days is a big deal. We get it, we want to give our kids the world too, but the unfortunate fact is that we are nowhere near as wealthy as some celebrity parents who like to go big when it comes to gift giving. 

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Giving gifts to our children can sometimes be a pain (how many Christmas gifts do they really need?), but often it's a pleasure just to be able to bring happiness to their little faces. But how is the ordinary mom supposed to compare when her kids see Lamborghinis and expensive purses hanging on the arms of 14-year-olds plastered all over the 'gram (that's what the kids call Instagram)? We'd be hard-pressed to believe that youngsters are buying $500 cell phones with their babysitting money; the truth is that these kids are getting these pricey presents from their famous parents.

The only difference between celebrity parents and us is that they have more money to spend, and some of them take full advantage of that fact -- and their bank accounts. Okay, they're loaded. We've rounded up some of the most expensive gifts that celebs have given to their kids that most parents might never even think to buy for their own.

1Katie Holmes & Tom Cruise

Suri Cruise already has a dream house -- or, rather, a tree house. Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes reportedly gave their little girl her very own home away from home. Estimated to have cost about $24,000, it's equipped with electricity, running water, and carpeting. Yep, this play pad has everything. 

2Kris Jenner

Most teens want a car for their birthday, but when you're a part of the Kardashian-Jenner clan, please believe that whatever ride you get will be fit for a star. And mom Kris did not disappoint as she gave Kendall a $90,000 Range Rover for her 16th birthday. Just imagine rolling up in this to the high school parking lot.  

7Brad Pitt & Angelina Jolie

Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie are very encouraging of 8-year-old daughter Shiloh's skating hobby, and of course, they celebrated her birthday in skater fashion. In an interview with ET, Jolie talked about the festivities and said, "She's very into skating. She's a skateboarder. We did graffiti lessons and skateboarding." Soon after, these parents also apparently had a skate park built in their home that the whole family could enjoy.

9Mariah Carey & Nick Cannon

When your mom is Mariah Carey, it's only right that you celebrate in style. That's exactly what the pop diva and then-hubby Nick Cannon did when twins Moroccan and Monroe turned 1. The foursome celebrated this milestone in Paris, of course, and with a party basically featuring a black-tie dress code. And if that wasn't a big enough gift in itself, these kiddos were given the best presents -- including a toy Ferrari, piano, and rocking horse, to name just a few.

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11Kris Jenner (Again!)

Momager Kris Jenner is at it again, giving gifts that'll leave you speechless. A day before her youngest Kylie's 18th birthday, the Kardashian matriarch bought her a Birkin bag valued at roughly $11,000 to $15,000. And that was just the beginning, as Kylie captioned this Instagram post: "... and it's not even my birthday yet." 

13Jennifer Lopez

Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony's kids Emme and Max are living the life. When they were born, rumors claimed that this mama supposedly made sure these twins had the finer things -- like 600 thread-count sheets, diamond-encrusted rattles, and Shetland ponies for each of them. Talk about a massive welcome-to-the-world gift!  

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