Kate Middleton Gives New Details About George & Charlotte's Enviable Home Life

kate middleton
Zak Hussein/Splash News

Living that bucolic life. During a visit to a farm in Gloucester on Wednesday, Kate Middleton revealed that she has chickens -- among other animals -- at her Norfolk country home, Amner Hall. Prince George and Princess Charlotte don't just have their dog Lupo and hamster Marvin, they also have five chickens and an incubator full of eggs. Talk about a little kid's dream come true!


According to People, after the duchess's visit, stockman Dave Evansoneya told reporters, "She has got several Cuckoo Marans at home, she told me." Evansoneya also added, "She told me and the children that she has an incubator of eggs at home at the moment with a hope that they are going to hatch into chicks. Her children are very excited." Apparently, Kate also informed everyone that she's no stranger to cleaning out chicken coops. Who would have thought?!

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During the visit, Kate was reportedly incredibly comfortable with all the animals. She even pushed a pig "by his bum" to move him along. Of course she did. 

kate middleton
Kensington Palace/Twitter

(Also, the palace using a pig emoji? What a time to be alive!)

As for the egg incubator, Kate's still not sure if it's working, but George and Charlotte are over the moon excited about it. Nicole Preston, a primary school teacher who was at the event, reportedly said, "The incubator is relatively new and she doesn't know if it is going to work. She says it takes 21 days but George and Charlotte are so excited that they come down each morning and peer inside to see if anything has happened!" So cute. 

Whether the incubator works or not, what a great experience for the little prince and princess. And what a great experience for a certain pig in Gloucester who had a princess touch his butt. 

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