Sometimes Kate Middleton Is as Much of a Frazzled Mom as the Rest of Us

kate middleton
Starface/Splash News

If there ever was a relatable piece of information about Kate Middleton, this is it. Apparently, despite the fact that she's, you know, the future Queen of England, Kate Middleton still answers her own door. But wait! If that doesn't have you nodding your head, silently saying, "I do that, too," it gets better. Apparently, Kate opens the door while holding Charlotte and with George "clinging at her feet." Same, Kate. Same


In People's newest issue about Princess Charlotte turning 2, a source says that William and Kate's Anmer Hall home in Norfolk is just like any other family home. "Guests are typically greeted by Kate herself at the door, with Charlotte in her arms and George 'clinging to her ankles,'" the insider said. The source, who apparently had lunch with the duke and duchess in their home, also added, "There was no formality at all. It really was like any other family sitting down to lunch, with George and Charlotte eating their homemade food in their high chairs and toddling around with their toys."

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Evidently, George and Charlotte's nanny Maria Turrion Borrallo is usually around, but that's it. "It's really just them and the children," the insider relayed, adding that Kate does arts and crafts projects with the kids, plays soccer, and even settles in for a little Peppa Pig now and again. (We get it, Kate. Sometimes you just need to indulge in a little digital parenting.)  

We've all always assumed Kate was "just like us," and this -- if there's any truth to it -- definitely proves just that. Though what we really want to know is, how many days does Kate go in between showers? With two little ones on hand, it's damn near impossible to take a little time to yourself ... right?

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