Jessa Duggar Proves Her Kids Are Mini-Mes of Her & Ben

seewald family

Not that we've ever heard anyone question if Jessa (Duggar) and Ben Seewald are the biological parents of their sons, Henry Wilberforce and Spurgeon, but if they ever did, man oh man would those questions be answered by a picture Jessa shared this week on Instagram. 


In the collage, you see a picture of Jessa as a toddler next to a recent picture of Spurgeon. Then below is a picture of Henry, next to one of Ben as a baby. The resemblance: Insanely similar.

jessa ben throwbacks

Mini mes, indeed! And how adorable are those boys? 

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Everyone always has an opinion as to which parent a child looks like, and typically you hear a mix of both. Sometimes, though, the resemblance to one parent is so strong, it's undeniable. That's certainly the case in both of these instances. We can't wait to watch them grow and see if the resemblance continues. It's hard to imagine that it won't. 

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Of course, now all eyes will be on baby number three if/when there is a baby number three. Will he or she look like the Duggar side or the Seewald side or a mixture of both? We can't wait to see.

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