Who Makes a Cooler Aunt: Pippa Middleton or Meghan Markle?

Liz Alterman | May 3, 2017 Celebrities
Image: Splash News/Fortuna/SplashNews

meghan marble vs pippa middleton
Splash News/Fortuna/SplashNews

As Prince Harry's romance with Meghan Markle heats up, we can't help but think Prince George and Princess Charlotte may soon find themselves with a brand new aunt! While their mom's sister, Pippa Middleton, is a pretty special lady, Meghan is also a gem, which leaves us wondering: Who makes the better aunt?

These ladies boast some very impressive attributes that qualify them as amazing aunts. Depending on your interests, one might be preferable to the other. Take a peek and see which gal you'd rather hang out with if you were George and Charlotte.

royals kate middleton

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