Joy-Anna Duggar's Recent Weight Loss Has Some Fans Concerned

joy-anna duggar

After watching her grow up on 19 Kids & Counting, it's hard to believe that Joy-Anna Duggar has finally reached adulthood and is actually planning to marry Austin Forsyth. But lately, fans have been worried about something else: her weight. Joy-Anna looks slimmed down in a new photo, and this has provoked a lot of controversy.


Over the weekend, the Duggars shared a new photo of their daughter on their official Facebook. At a glance, it's a seemingly harmless pic of Joy-Anna posing with Josie (who's so big already!) as they celebrate "sister time" together. 

Duggar Family Official/Facebook

But like many of the commenters pointed out, it's pretty obvious that Joy-Anna has dropped some weight in recent months. Her whole body looks skinnier, especially her face. And while some of their fans talked about how great she looks, others seemed very disapproving about the change.

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Whoaaa, slow down there! If you ask us, Joy looks beautiful now and she looked beautiful before, and there are so many reasons for her weight loss. It could just be natural body changes as she gets older, or she could be slimming down for her wedding, like many brides do. 

Maybe, for now, everyone could give this girl a break? She is only 19, after all, and she's planning a wedding! Anyone who's been married before knows how stressful that can get -- without strangers on the Internet commenting on your weight.

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