Blac Chyna & Tyga Rumored to Be Getting Back Together -- Say What?

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They can't be ... could they? After Blac Chyna and Tyga were both spotted at the same night club in Miami in the wee hours of the morning on Sunday, rumors are starting to swirl that the two are back together again. This is cray, even for the Kardashian clan. 


Chyna and Tyga weren't spotted hanging out together at Liv, the club they both were at, but witnesses were quick to pick up on the fact that they both were there, which, let's be honest, is a pretty weird coincidence.

Tyga Blac Chyna Liv Tweet

One fan even posted a video.

There's absolutely no proof that anything did happen -- or is happening -- between Tyga and Chyna, but they both recently broke up with their significant others, so anything is possible.

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Tyga and Kylie Jenner broke up a few weeks ago, and ever since their split, the makeup mogul has been spotted out and about with rapper Travis Scott. From what we've heard, this has made Tyga insanely jealous, so who knows? Maybe this is his weird way of trying to win her back.

Rob, on the other hand, supposedly wants Chyna back. But, as we all know, their relationship is a hot mess. So who the heck knows what Chyna's motives are? 

This could be nothing more than a coincidence, but it's definitely worth an eyebrow raise. Two people who share a baby together who also happened to break up with their other halves (who happen to be brother and sister) at the same club? Sounds like a Kardashian story line if there ever was one. 

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