Kim Kardashian Completely Loses It on Random Girl Hiding in Scott Disick's Bathroom

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Don't mess with Kim Kardashian. On Sunday's episode of Keeping Up With the Kardashians, Kim, for reasons unclear, decided to take Scott Disick with her to Dubai for her master class with makeup artist Mario Dedivanovic. And ish got real. After she got wind that Scott was hooking up with a random girl in his room, Kim busted down Scott's bathroom door and went off on the girl. Name-calling and all! Talk about awkward!


A little background in case you didn't see the ep (which, what were you doing if you didn't?): While they were in Dubai, Scott got word that Kourtney was hanging out with another dude back at home. This obviously didn't sit well with him, so, sadly, he headed straight for the bottle -- and a girl. 

After Kim's squad told her that Scott's bathroom door was locked (and that there likely was a girl in there), Kim stormed into his room, busted down the door (really), and called the woman (whose face was blurred out) a "whore, tramp, and groupie." She also told her to "get [her] sh-t and get the f-ck out of here."

Damn. It's rare that Kim loses it, so this was pretty epic. 

Fast forward to around the one-minute mark if you want to get straight to the action.

Insane, right? It's kind of hard not to feel bad for the girl -- and Scott even! But Kim is nothing if not loyal to her family, so it's not exactly a surprise that she did something

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Scott obviously was devastated about what he did -- and maybe more so that he got caught. After all, he and Kourtney had just returned from a family trip to Aspen a few weeks prior. Earlier on in the episode, Scott had said that things between him and Kourtney were "moving in the right direction," but let's be honest here, people. It doesn't really seem like Kourtney wants him back. Especially if she was hooking up with someone else while he was away. 

Sadly, we can't say that any of the drama between Kourtney and Scott is surprising, as there's always drama between Kourtney and Scott. But Kim's reaction definitely was a bit of a shock. She may be a less flashy person after her Paris robbery, but clearly she's more ballsy. 

Don't try to get one over on The Queen, Disick. 

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