Pippa Middleton's Strict Pre-Wedding Diet Isn't for the Faint of Heart

pippa middleton riding bike
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What with all of her marathon running and biking and dog walking, Pippa Middleton appears to be in peak physical condition, so it's somewhat of a wonder that she's even on a pre-wedding diet. But apparently the bride-to-be is, and it's strict. In fact, Pippa's "Sirtfood Diet" is dangerous even, if you ask some! 


E! reports that in addition to her ramped-up exercise regime, Pippa is apparently following the Sirtfood Diet, which, not surprisingly, is one of the latest (restrictive) fad diets. The diet has two phases. During the first phase, which lasts seven days, you can consume only 1,000 calories of Sirtfood-rich green juices and, per their website, "one full meal rich in Sirtfoods" during the first three days. During the remaining days, intake is pushed up to a whopping 1,500 calories, with two green juices and two meals allowed each day. The second phase is two-week maintenance, which includes three "balanced Sirtfood-rich meals plus one green juice" each day. 

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Only 20 foods that are allowed on the Sirtfood Diet. Among them are arugula, red wine (nice), cocoa (nice!), coffee, kale, strawberries, and walnuts. All of the foods are rich in polyphenols, a chemical that may boost body's metabolism. 

The Cut spoke to registered dietitian Brigitte Zeitlin about the diet and she doesn't seem to think it's ideal. "It's unhealthy and unsafe to eat below 1,200 calories a day," Zeitlin said. "In addition to not giving yourself the proper energy and nutrients you need each day you're on this fad diet, eventually you're going to go off of it. You're going to gain all of the weight you lost back, and more often than not, you're going to gain even more weight back." Pippa doesn't seem like the kind of person who needs to worry about "gaining weight back," but this diet coupled with her intense workout routine may be a little extreme. In addition to her normal exercise regimen, Pippa was just seen leaving an hour-and-15-minute pilates class.

Pippa's wedding is less than a month away, and it's not surprising that like many brides, she's doing everything she can to look her absolute best. But let's all hope she doesn't go overboard.

We may not be her husband-to-be James Matthews, but for what it's worth, we think she looks pretty damn good already.

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