Royal Betters Think Kate Middleton's Third Pregnancy Is Imminent

kate middleton and prince william
Zak Hussein/Splash News

Gearing up for royal baby number three? Betters across Britain are putting their money on Kate Middleton making a pregnancy announcement some time in 2017. Bookies have seen an uptick in bets in the last 48 hours on the duke and duchess falling pregnant with their third baby this year. Betting firm Coral says that odds on a royal pregnancy announcement have been slashed recently. Perhaps because the couple's youngest, Princess Charlotte, is set to turn 2 on Tuesday. Time for another munchkin?  


John Hill, spokesperson for Coral, told Express, "The odds on Kate and William revealing they are expecting their third baby this year have come crashing down over the last couple of days as punters are confident an announcement is imminent." Apparently, there are bets going on the gender of the unborn child already, as well. "We have already opened betting on the gender of the next child and we feel it is more likely to be a boy which is the odds-on favourite, while we have also seen some bets for the next birth to be twins," Hill said.

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It's been reported on countless occasions that Kate would like to have between three and four children by the time she's 40 (she's 35 now). If there's any truth to that (which there probably is since Kate comes from a big family herself), another baby announcement has to be imminent. 

Typically, women -- especially famous women -- don't announce their pregnancies for at least 12 weeks, but unfortunately for Kate, if history is to repeat itself, she'll wind up telling people earlier than that due to the extreme morning sickness she typically suffers from. With both Prince George and Princess Charlotte, the royal couple announced their pregnancy on the earlier side, as poor Kate was hospitalized for hyperemesis gravidarum. 

Either way, it's probably not a bad idea to put money on Will and Kate announcing a third pregnancy in 2017. Not only is it still early on in the year, but the duke and duchess just don't seem like they're done.

And hey, maybe that explains Will's infamous partying and dad dancing a few weeks ago. Dude was just blowing off a little steam before being back in newborn phase -- you know, when he'll be up all night in a much different way. 

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