Farrah Abraham Freaks Out & Storms Off Set of 'Marriage Boot Camp: Family Edition'

Farrah Abraham

Talk about starting off with a bang. We knew Farrah Abraham and her mom Debra Danielsen wouldn't be sitting around singing "Kumbaya" on WE TV's new series Marriage Boot Camp Reality Stars: Family Edition, but a new clip from tonight's premiere shows just how intense things will get. 


Abraham is asked about previous harsh (extremely harsh) comments she made about her mom. Like this one: "I've seen my mom do very hurtful things, and I've gone to the point where I was like, then f*cking die already ..." 

While we half expected her to apologize or take those words back, she doesn't. Instead, she tries to defend herself, throwing in more barbs at her mom along the way. Ultimately, she gets so upset she storms off the stage.

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It's honestly painful to watch. There's just so much hurt and history there. No matter your thoughts on Farrah or her mom, it's easy to see some of the sad reasons behind their often self-destructive behavior. It doesn't excuse it, but it does make us feel for them and hope that somehow this show might help them find some healing. 

There's a lot to heal, and they may never have a super close relationship, but it would be great if they can make a little progress and find a bit of common ground for their sake and for Sophia's sake. We'll be watching and rooting for them. 

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