15 Times Jessa Duggar's Baby Looked Like He Was Totally Over It

Tanvier Peart | Apr 28, 2017 Celebrities
15 Times Jessa Duggar's Baby Looked Like He Was Totally Over It

Henry Seewald

Ever since Jessa Duggar gave birth to Henry back in February, our hearts have been filled with so many lovable images Mom and family share online. One of the reasons why we love Henry so is because his facial expressions could truly become a picture book of how to speak -- and "read" -- without talking, hahaha.

Whether he looks wise beyond his years or gives the impression he's just not feeling whatever is going on, we can't help but love every Henry moment with this adorable Seewald child. He truly looks like a little old man!







  • Be With You in 2 Hours


    Ahh. Who can forget the first photo of baby Henry Jessa shared with the world? It's an unforgettable pic that would quickly become a precursor to all the amazingly hilarious and delightful photos of this second Seewald child. 

    Henry's face is everything, and in this pic, it looks like he's telling us to hold on -- because, obviously, his rest is extremely important in this stage of the game. (Shhh.)

  • Why Am I Here?


    Henry has no chill when it comes to group photos and sweet family moments caught on film (LOL). Case in point: this picture of Jinger and her husband Jeremy with Spurgeon and little Henry. Doesn't it look like Spurge is looking down at his younger brother saying,"Dude, get it together for the cameras?"

    Too cute.

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  • Like I Believe That


    This photo has got to be our favorite of Henry this far. It's too perfect and captures the essence of his personality -- mixed with a touch of "old man" face -- that makes it sooo charming beyond words.

  • You Can Stop at Any Time


    Henry has the perfect facial expressions -- even when he's sleeping! This photo of him in a slumber is adorable and reiterates his serious demeanor.

  • Who Are Y'all?


    LOL!! OMG, we cannot take these photos of Henry. (We really can.) This little boy is just not for smiling at all -- even with Grandma and Grandpa Seewald.

  • Let's Hurry Up With This One


    Happy Easter!

    The Seewalds looked so lovely as a family unit in this photo. There's flowers, smiles, and pastels. 

    ... And then there's baby Henry's sweet face that is giving us one serving of seriousness with a side of charm in that dashing bow tie. Doesn't it look like Mr. H has somewhere important to be?

  • No Time for It


    Though little Henry was likely not upset in this photo (he is sleeping), still, it's pretty funny to imagine this him giving the roll-over to playing games. Yup, his face definitely reads "I have no time for this." 

    Rest up, little dude. (Haha.)

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  • Why Are You Kissing Me?


    Aww, what a precious moment between Henry, his brother Spurgeon, and his papa. Everyone seems filled with so much love and affection.

    ... Except for Henry, who looks like he's questioning just why the heck people are kissing his forehead while onlookers ooh and ah.

  • Yup, I Did It


    It's sooo hard to get this little guy to smile, no matter what activity gets thrown his way! Though this photo of Henry sparked controversy (it's pretty silly), we can't stop laughing at how unamused he is when papa Ben stands him up. (LOL.)

  • Nope, Not Looking


    If there's one thing that will really make someone's day, it's photos of their loved ones together. As cute as this snap is, Henry is either occupied with something else (maybe Sesame Street is on in the background) or just doesn't feel super into taking pics at the moment.

    Still, this is an adorable photo.

  • Why So Serious?


    This. Photo. Is. Everything!

    Baby Henry just couldn't crack a smile as mama Jessa took his photo in honor of him being 2-1/2-months. Even in his seriousness, he's still a cutie pie.

  • You Think I'm Smiling for This?


    Seriously, how can you NOT love these two? Spurgeon and Henry are too adorable for words and give us all sorts of baby fever. We especially love this snap of Henry as he does not seem phased at all in whatever he's looking at, haha.

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  • Did You Wake Me Up for This?


    Sunny days can be a wonderful opportunity for families to step outside and soak in all the beautiful surrounding nature. While it looks like Henry was woken from his nap, we think this little boy will likely have a good time outdoors with his mom.

    ... We think.

  • Sooo Over This


    If you own a television, there's a pretty good chance you know who Chip and Joanna Gaines are, as well as their hit HGTV show, Fixer Upper. Jessa and her family must have had a blast visiting the home-renovating duo in Waco, Texas. Just look how excited everyone looks.

    And, of course, little Henry is enjoying his slumber too much to give a darn (LOL). His face looks like, "Ohhh, why am I here?"

  • Hmm ... That's Cool


    Oooh, is that a smile we see forming, Henry??? This little boy will forever have our heart as his facial expressions are such a joy to see. 


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