Josh & Anna Duggar Had Strict Sex Rules to Adhere to While He Was in Therapy

anna and josh duggar

Sadly, after Anna Duggar took Josh Duggar back after his "rehab" for sex addiction, people in their community were reportedly surprised that they waited two whole years before conceiving their fifth child. (Evidently, more surprised than the fact that she took him back at all.) But now it's been revealed that there was a reason for that. Anna was not deciding whether or not she should have another child with Josh, who, in addition to cheating on her, has reportedly molested five girls as a teen. Josh and Anna were instructed to wait to conceive as part of Josh's religious counseling. 


After his six-month stint in the faith-based Illinois rehab center, Josh is still reportedly receiving a form of treatment now that he's back at home. Josh is receiving religious counseling which apparently enforces certain rules for him at home -- one being a period of strict sexual abstinence between him and Anna. A source close to the Duggars told Radar, "Josh is still in counseling after his rehab stay for sex addiction. He is going to a family pastor." They also said, "Josh is undergoing religious counseling, so it's not like he's getting actual help for his issues."

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Speaking to Anna's fifth pregnancy, the insider said, "The reason it even took this long for Anna to get pregnant was because they had a wait period before they could have sex. They were in a rebuilding of trust phase." Apparently, it was "only kisses and hugs at first" for Josh and Anna, as part of his therapy.

Oh. OK. 

Who knows what's going on between Josh and Anna behind closed doors, but the family certainly likes to claim everything is OK. On the other hand, though, sources are claiming that while Anna's pregnancy is going OK, she's tired and Josh "isn't really helpful with the kids."

Who knows what will happen with these two, but for now, this is where they're at. Pregnant with their fifth child after a cheating and molestation scandal. So, yeah. 

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