Kim Kardashian's Recent Butt Photos Are Creating All Sorts of Conspiracy Theories

kim kardashian
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Any time a Kardashian does, says, eats, or thinks something, there's always a conspiracy theory behind it -- and Kim's recent unairbrushed butt photos are no different. After pictures of Kim's bum in a thong bikini in Mexico hit the Internet -- pictures that some are saying look less than perfect -- fans are speculating that the whole scenario is just a giant publicity stunt for Kim. What else is new?


Shortly after the photos of Kim appearing to have a little cellulite (like every woman) were released, stories quickly rolled out, claiming that Kim was "devastated." Evidently, the mom of two was crushed about what people were saying about her body. Totally understandable. 

However, something does seem slightly fishy here. In every photo ever released of Kim, she looks absolutely flawless. To an unusual degree. (Try to find a bad picture of her. Dare you.) Her body never has the lumps, bumps, or rolls that every body has, so it's understandable that this photo would raise some suspicion.

After an article about Kim's butt went up on the Mirror, one commenter wrote, "You would not wear a skimpy thong knowing your photograph will be taken unless you wanted to draw attention to your figure which is clearly the aim as publicity is how she makes her money. Unfortunately, she also has [to] accept that not everybody thinks her body is as attractive as she does."

One theory is that Kim willingly had her butt photographed looking, well, "normal" because she wanted to drum up some publicity. But, um, does she really need more publicity? And yet another theory is that the photos are part of an upcoming Keeping Up With the Kardashians story line. 

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It's the Kardashians we're talking about here, so anything's possible. 

If the latter is true, we'll find out all in due time. But in the meantime, maybe some of the Twitter trolls can tone down their comments about Kim's body. Whether this was set up or not, sheesh, she's still human. Have a little respect. 

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